Catching up on 2008

It’s amazing how 2008 has flown by. We have been so involved in our clients projects and deadlines we forget all that we have done.

Oh, the fun we have on construction sites. This year we saw more port-a-cans than we cared to!

Sometimes it takes the comments of others to remind us. We love creating themed murals for kids and were excited about being selected to create environments in the children’s areas of Summit Christian Center in San Antonio.


Noahs Ark themed murals and cabinetry

Noahs Ark themed murals and cabinetry

Working with the selections made by Marks Design Group, we created two reception and check in areas for the Nursery and Children’s Church. We fabricated cabinetry and artwork around the ages of the children and the needs of the church. Artwork included hand painted murals, venetian plaster walls and dimensional carved walls art.

Entrance to "Elevate" Chilren's Church

Entrance to “Elevate” Children’s Church

Details of dimensional art

Details of dimensional art

Wall designs done in venetian plaster

Wall designs done in venetian plaster

Just in our daily lives, we have run in to so many people who are apart of Summit’s congregation. They tell us  how much the children love going to their areas at the church. Our vet, who then hired us to paint a sky in his a barrel ceiling with lighting and fiber optics that changed from day to night and showed stars and constellations. Other members include a fun animal loving couple, who needed a logo for Zoomagination their new business created around animals and kids.

Depending on the client or project we create artwork in different styles. We have been asked to do Noah’s Ark themed murals both stylized and realistic.

We recently finished wall murals for Emerald Rainbow Family Fun Center in Bulverde, Texas. Their’s too, was a Noah’s Ark theme unlike the previous stylized artwork, the client wanted realism.

Emmerald Rainbow Family Fun Center

Emerald Rainbow Family Fun Center thank  goodness for scissor lifts


Lion and the lamb

Lion and the lamb

mural detail

mural detail




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