80’s Flashback

Something really strange happened the other day at the aArtvarks compound. We sat down to watch a silly movie to relax. The movie was “Stepbrother” with the fab Will Ferrell, Tom C. Reilley and Mary Steenburgen, all of whom we love. Well, when the title page came up, Conni went into shock. Will Ferrell was wearing the first t-shirt design she ever did for The Judds way back in the 80’s.


How cool is that? He wears it several times in the movie.

After a bit of searching on the net, we found an interview with the costume designer Susan Matheson.

Here is an excerpt.

Susan Matheson: Maybe.  I can’t say.  Okay, it’s a big scene.  But this is a Judd’s t-shirt that I found a vintage one and I copied.  I particularly like the airbrushed look of the women and to me this is close to the Crystal Gayle because it’s so kind of fabulous.

Seeing that shirt in a major motion picture brought back a ton of memories. The Judds were always so nice to everyone and you can’t deny their talent. That was a great time…. so long ago.


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